Wärtsilä recip technology for engineering consultants, designers and technical managers

Webinar Recording - November 15th

Wärtsilä recip technology is growing ever stronger in USA and we want to share some technical aspects of the technology with engineering consultants, designers and technical managers.

In this webinar our experts will go through the most important technical parameters, features and operational aspects of Wärtsilä reciprocating engine technology. 

We will cover the following topics:



  Chris Whitney

   Manager of Sales Support 
  • Low load operation
  • Fast starting ability
  • Fuel flexibility
  • LPG and Ethane capability
  • Dual-fuel capability
  • Basic heat rate info
  • Emissions permit-ability
  • Basic CHP information (steam production)

Operations & maintenance:


  Aron Rader

 General Manager,
Agreement Services

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  • Plant Operations
  • Organization Staffing Example
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Daily routines, inspections, and maintenance intervals


The presentation is expected to last 30 minutes with time for questions and answers after the event for 15 minutes. Join the webinar and learn about why recip technology is the way to go.

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