Developing superior flexibility in power generation and highly competitive cost efficiency have long been major focus areas in Wärtsilä’s technology development work. 

The share of wind and solar power in many grids has increased rapidly during the last few years, especially in Europe and the USA. This trend is sometimes causing severe problems in stabilising the power systems. As a result, it can be foreseen that in the future all electricity generation, with the exception of nuclear power and power from renewable energy sources, will need to be run on a completely flexible basis, responding rapidly to the prevailing needs of the grid. Undoubtedly, the business of power production is profoundly changing.

Wärtsilä’s gas fired combustion technology has the flexibility to enable maximum use of fluctuating wind and solar energy, while ensuring optimal power production with the highest total efficiency. While other thermal power generating systems typically need to be started an hour or more beforehand to reach full load, advanced power plant solutions can reach full load for power generation in just a few minutes.

For several years already, Wärtsilä’s R&D activities have focused heavily on developing means to achieve superior flexibility in power generation. As a result, the company is currently the global leader in this technology field. Highly competitive cost efficiency is another major target of Wärtsilä’s development work.

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  Thomas Hägglund

   Vice President, Technology & Solutions
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