I have always been fascinated by electricity. It is a form of energy that can be used in so many ways: light, heat and motion but equally bits and bytes, TFT’s, LED’s and other marvels of modern electronics. Electricity has given us the freedom to use power when we want, where we want, and in the form we want.

But electricity is still only a media; it has to be generated from other sources of energy like fossil fuels, hydro, wind and nuclear. And at every moment we must generate the same amount of electricity as we con- sume. Today, most of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels and, regardless of whether you look it from the point of “cup half full” or “cup half empty”, the hard truth is that there is only a limited amount of fossil fuels on our planet. So it makes sense to make it last as long as possible.

That is why Europe is pushing towards 20-20-20 vision for renewable energy and why some consider nuclear power as the large scale energy for the future. This is also why smart grids have become a discussion point for morning coffee. Saving energy and finding new ways to gen- erate electricity, that is the quest.

This book introduces a new way of reaching those goals, and it is called Smart Power Generation, which is all about attaining capacity man- agement in the most efficient way. It is all about using dedicated power generation facilities that can optimise system efficiency and enable us
to use all possible ways to generate electricity. And, ultimately, it allows everyone to use electricity whenever they need it.

I would like to thank the authors of this book, Markus Hotakainen and Jacob Klimstra, for their colossal efforts in creating this book for us to read.


Javier Cavada
President, Energy Solutions
Wärtsilä Corporation

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