In Asia, the power system is going through major structural changes. More capacity is needed, ageing power generation may have to be closed and renewable generation is being integrated. These are challenges to the fundamental task of power systems: to match production with demand.

Smart Power Generation based on gas engines is a proven solution for these new challenges. Modern gas engines employ a series of techniques and features that offer superior single-cycle efficiency combined with fast loading and un-loading capability.

The paper will show real cases of gas engine synchronisation readiness from standstill in 30 seconds with potential for non-spinning Secondary Reserve, very fast power increase reaching 100% power from standstill in only 5 minutes, fast Primary Frequency Control reserve and Secondary Frequency Control within a power window of 70%.

The fast reaction capability is required especially in grids where the inertia constant is decreasing. This happens when renewable generation units are connected to the system indirectly through a converter or a frequency drive and is thus not contributing to system inertia.

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  Niklas Wägar

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