Get the highest ROI


Get the highest ROI by investing in flexible power generation

Investment Opportunities for Flexible Power Generation in the USA

The US power markets have become increasingly interesting in terms of flexible power generation. The new real-time marketplace made the value of flexibility evident for the market players, and created opportunities for flexible gas power generation. In this webinar we will show you that investing in Wärtsilä power generation will give you increased project ROI in many of USA's power markets. Existing Wärtsilä assets in for example the SPP market have been able to reveal the true value of flexible power generation.

Our analysis shows how flexible gas generation can be operated in various US power markets, and more importantly what kind of monetary value these assets are receiving from the market.

Listen the webinar recording and learn about the opportunities that Wärtsilä flexible gas generation can provide.  



   Matti Rautkivi

   Origination, Americas
   Wärtsilä Energy Solutions
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