The Future of Energy is Hybrid

Hear from our experts how adding energy storage solutions to your existing engine based power plants will enable you to have instant power while saving fuel, maintenance costs and reducing emissions.

Reduce your data center’s energy costs and carbon footprint with Smart Power Generation and turn a dead asset into a profitable investment.

Join our webinar where we will show you how you can earn money using your data center back up power generation assets. In addition to earning money with a seemingly dead asset you will also significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your data center when you implement our solution.

Wärtsilä recip technology for engineering consultants, designers and technical managers

In this webinar our experts will go through the most important technical parameters, features and operational aspects of Wärtsilä reciprocating engine technology.

Optimizing the South African power market with ultra-flexible LNG power plants

South Africa will soon embark on large new-build gas Independent Power Producer´s programme for 3,126 MW + 600 MW in accordance with the IRP2010 and Ministerial Determinations, the majority of which will likely be initially supplied using imported Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). In this webinar our expert will explain why truly flexible power generation plays a key role in the future power system in South Africa.

Get the highest ROI by investing in flexible generation

In this webinar we will show you that investing in Wärtsilä power generation will give you increased project ROI. Our analysis shows how flexible gas generation can be operated in various US power markets, and more importantly what kind of monetary value these assets are receiving from the market.